Our Components

Here are our activities, programs and formation to train our volunteers, coordinators and specially the CFC KFL members.

Activities for the kids

Our Entry Points

a. Kid Possible Assembly (KPA)

It is a once-a-month activity, usually lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours including fellowship, where kids learn more about their Catholic faith.

b. Kids’ Day

A half-day activity for the Kids at Play and First Steps groups, usually held on a weekend during summer or school break, wherein kids can experience an exciting time to discover more about God through different activities, while making new friends and learning more about themselves.

c. Kids’ Camp

A two-day live-in camp for the Footsteps and Step Up groups ,usually conducted during summer or school break, wherein kids can have fun while they see and hear the Word of God being proclaimed by their older brothers and sisters in CFC YFL, make friends as they play games, share experiences, and entertain one another in a wholesome Christian environment and at the same time discover and develop their gifts and potential for leadership.

d. KFL at CLS

This is offered to the children of the participants attending the Christian Life Seminar (CLS) of CFC FFL, CFC HFL or CFC SvFL and done during the CLS of their parents.

Our Annual Activities

The CFC KFL way of living is made up of activities that a CFC KFL member should attend annually. These can also serve as opportunities to invite non-community members to watch and see what CFC KFL is all about.

a. National Kids Conference

Participated by CFC KFL members from the Philippines and other countries wherein the theme of the community is discussed through different sessions and workshops.

b. Kids’ Festival

A whole-day activity wherein kids can showcase their God-given talents like singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, cooking, painting and many more.

c. Kid Olympics

A whole day of fun and fitness for kids, parents, Heart Champs and Couple Coordinators wherein they can participate in different sports and physical activities and games.

d. Children’s Rosary Rally

A partnership with Educational Foundation Inc. (EFI), our community’s educational ministry, and the Children’s Rosary Movement. It is a yearly activity held during the Rosary Month (October) where kids all pray the rosary together, participate in a Eucharistic Celebration and pay tribute to Mary, the Mother of God, through a short program or skit.

Our Programs

These are strategies to expand the work of our evangelization in CFC KFL.

a. Church Connect

This program helps the kids know more about Christ by their participation in their parishes. This program offers various formation activities of the CFC KFL to the parish. It also helps the KFL ministry to connect to their parish church and become partners in bringing the children closer to God.

b. Work with the Poor (WWP)

This is CFC KFL’s response to the community’s core value on living a preferential option for the poor. It aims to bring and make Jesus known to the poor children of Restoration and Mission Villages, by providing values formations which are aligned with the basic Bible truths and Filipino values and culture.

c. School Based

This is offered as a club and is open to all public and Catholic private elementary schools. It is designed to help the students in their total Christian formation through various activities that will help them deepen their personal relationship with God and enhance their appreciation and understanding of their faith in the school setting.

Our Advocacies

Through these advocacies, we make the children aware of the realities of our society today and how they should remain and live as a Catholic kid in this pressing time.

a. Live Pure for Kids – Live Like Jesus

This advocacy teaches chastity among kids – purity in thoughts, words and deeds – and promotes and defends the culture of life.

b. Little Stewards (WWP)

This helps the kids appreciate, take good care and share all their blessings to others – through their time, talent and treasure.

c. Cool Catholic Kids

Serves as a tool to educate, to inform and open the hearts and minds of the kids to serve the Lord as young as they are by having a deeper knowledge and appreciation of their Catholic faith.

d. Earth Champs

Answers to God’s call to protect and defend life by being responsible stewards of His creation. Through this cause, we hope to raise awareness among the children to take the lead in caring for our surroundings by doing little acts of compassion and mercy for the good of Mother Earth.

Activities for the Heart Champs and Couple Coordinators

Couple Coordinators Training (CCT)

Designed to nourish and equip the current and potential CFC KFL Couple Coordinators with their roles and responsibilities in serving the kids

Heart Champs Training (HCT)

Designed for current heart champs and potential heart champs that will help them embrace the work in CFC KFL as well as equip them with needed knowledge and skills

Kids’ Day/ Kids’ Camp Training (KDT/KCT)

Included in the Kids’ Camp Manual Part 1 Designed to train the Heart Champs and Coordinators who will be serving in a Kids’ Day and/or a Kids’ Camp

CFC KFL Servant’s Summit

An annual gathering for all CFC KFL Servants to share their learning and experiences with each other as they serve in the kids’ ministry

12 Track Workshops

Designed to empower and enhance the skills of the Heart Champs and Couple Coordinators

Mission Volunteers Monthly Gathering

A monthly recollection and service meeting for all the Mission Volunteers

Heart Champs Quarterly Recollection

To set the hearts of our Heart Champs in serving the kids and empower them in responding to God’s call for their service in this ministry

Activities for the Parents

a. Recollection Talks for Parents

b. Parents Formation Track

a. Kaya ni Daddy, Kaya ni Mommy Formation Series How to be a Christian parent the way God calls you to be

b. Enhancement Talks Understanding your child according to their age level

c. Family Time: Making meaningful memories Involvement of parents in educating their children

d. Parenting a strong-willed child How to deal with your child’s behavior

e. Special kids with special needs How to deal with children who have special needs