Our Promise

The CFC KFL PROMISE/H.E.A.R.T HABITS consists of acts of binding oneself (in mind, heart and spirit) to a course of action mutually agreed between CFC KFL members, their parents and God.

We believe that at a young age, kids should learn to make a PROMISE to live a life pleasing to God. And in line with our H.E.A.R.T. Purpose Statement, CFC KFL will try to instill values that will Honor God, Empower the Kids, create ways to inspire them to Act in humble service, that they may not forget to Relate with their family, church and community and to Testify God's love to others.

I will imitate Jesus.

I will pray to God and read the Bible every day.
I will make Jesus as my role model by obeying rules and doing good in school.

I will be a good family member.

I will be a good son/daughter to my parents by obeying and respecting them.
I will be a good sister/brother to my siblings through sharing and supporting them.

I will be an active member of CFC Kids for Family and Life.

I will always attend and participate in all CFC KFL activities.
I will share my time, talents and treasures to others especially to my brothers and sisters in CFC KFL.
I will love, respect and be loyal to my CFC KFL family.

I will tell others about Jesus.

I will love my brothers and sisters, relatives, and friends by doing good deeds every day that will reflect God's love.
I will serve in our Parish Church.
I will love the poor by sharing what I have with them.